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HELP Rescue Our 4 Legged Friends! 

Our Partner's Story...

"We started this journey as a way to fill up our time together but little did we know how much it would fill our hearts as well.  Being the last child home (older siblings in/out of college) Peyton and I decided to raise money to help animal shelters/organizations and 4 Hands 8 Paws was born.  Having 2 rescue dogs of our own, Lilly and Paisley- we thought it would be fun to give back to the many volunteers and organizations who bring joy to so many by saving these precious animals. 


Being a graphic artist, designing shirts, being creative, and teaching my son to pay it forward make this journey with him a joy!  Thank you to all who have supported us and continue to do so.  To date, we have donated over $17,000 and we continue to raise our goals as we expand our brand.  We look forward to seeing where this journey brings us and the wonderful folks we will meet along the way!"

Carolyn and Peyton Kenee

4 Hands 8 Paws, LLC




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