Engraved STAR Lighter, Personalized Lighter, Refillable Lighter, Zippo

Engraved STAR Lighter, Personalized Lighter, Refillable Lighter, Zippo

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Never have your lighter taken again!  Personalize yours just the way you want it.  It makes a great gift for someone who is chronically losing theirs.  Ha!  These are great lighters!  I can afford to price them well because they are imported but they are every bit the Quality of a Zippo.  They have been in business over 30 years and can be lit in any conditions.  Star lighters are refillable and you can engrave them to suit. Fill slowly and never overfill.  Instructions are included in the package. There is a 1"  silver disc we insert in the middle that can be engraved with anything you like.  You can engrave the front and back if you so choose as well as the casing.  Check the drop down menu for pricing options.

A little background on Star- Star Brand Lighters began production in 1988, and today boasts over 260 million lighters have been manufactured. Star Lighters also offer a lifetime warranty. Employing around 600 people, the Wenzhou Company has three factories. Inserts are manufactured in Guangzhou, and in two separate factories brass and oil lighters are manufactured. There are 60,000 Star Lighters produced monthly. Where Zippo is at home in the U.S., Star respectively dominates in Europe, while 65% of their sales are within China. Beginning in 2009, Star expanded sales to include Canada, Brazil, Argentina and the U.S.

Blessings to you and Yours!

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